Mobile Credit

Delivering loan origination services via your customers' channel of choice.

Accutive’s Mobile Credit application enables customers, mobile lenders and sales teams in the field to originate new loans of all types while delivering a differentiated lending experience.

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As experts in the Capitalstream Platform, Accutive can help you successfully complete all your Capitalstream initiatives. Accutive’s team has decades of Capitalstream experience and a proven strategy to help you gain the most from your Capitalstream investment.

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Loan Data Mart

Empower your users with business intelligence

Accutives Data Mart delivers business insight and analytic capabilities from Loan Origination Systems data, by transforming loan data into a business focused DataMart.

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Cyber vCISO

Accutive's Cyber vCISO programs provide CISO services for companies that need an external party to assume the responsibility of a CISO, but do not need or cannot afford a full-time CISO, or have just hired their first CISO, or need to provide on-going support to their in-house CISO.

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Industry News

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